Search engine advertising is one of those paid advertising forms that seems to escape all too many internet marketers. No matter what size your business is or who your product appeals to, there’s a place for you in search engine marketing and it’s always something that could help your profits and margins. Whether you’re an online marketer or an uber successful online entrepreneur, familiarity with Google AdWords is something that you can ill-afford to be without. With that in mind, here are the five most important tips for Google AdWords success:

1 – Pick keywords that represent your business.
Keywords often all come town to competitiveness. While this is a great metric for determining who’s going to see your ad, it’s not always the best way to make sure that your ad truly converts into real sales. When you’re picking keywords to run your AdWords campaign on, make sure that they both attract a large amount of searches, and accurately reflect your business. When you lose either of those factors, you’ll lose a large chunk of your potential customers.

2 – Run micro-campaigns before deciding on anything final.
This should be the first rule that any advertiser follows. What is the key purpose of advertising? To convert prospective customers into customers. If your ads aren’t achieving that, then can them. Run a test of five, ten, or even twenty different ads and see which one results in the most page views and conversions. Then hone in on that ad, and refine it until it has a conversion rate that makes it easily worth its cost 10 time over.

3 – Drop your non-converting ads asap.
No, you can’t spend your way out of trouble. When your ads aren’t working, lose them. Focus, focus, focus and simplify. When you’re running 10 different ads and only three are bringing in any real conversions, lose any ones that aren’t performing. Focus on refining what already works, not on repairing what’s broken. As an online entrepreneur, you simply don’t have the resources to run a massive campaign, so focus on the small ones that achieve the greatest results.

4 – Run ads for research.
Need to work out what’s going to work online and what isn’t? Run a preemptive Google AdWords campaign. By selecting five potential product names, or advertising tag lines, you can craft an advertisement that not only attracts attention, but performs incredibly well and is highly optimised. Don’t settle for betting with your ads, instead research and make sure that anything you run is backed up by some form of results.

5 – Do a cost-benefit analysis on all of your Google AdWords campaigns.
If you’re running advertisements that are converting, but not in massive quantities, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if they’re really worth the trouble. If your ads aren’t profitable, remove them. If they’re only just breaking even, figure out if they’re worth the time investment, and if they’re not, remove them. You’ll be surprised how much even the simplest of ad campaigns can eat up your time, so be sure to calculate opportunity cost when working out how well your ads are really performing.

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