Search Engine Optimization gets tossed around like a baseball in the massively competitive online world today. If you’re not an SEO ranker, people will be quick to point out that you’re truly a nobody. While that’s not entirely true, for you could be raking in money through other methods and channels, SEO is truly one of the most important parts of any online campaign, and without it making up a significant portion of your online base you’re throwing away a large amount of cash. Don’t become one of those marketers that’s desperately chasing what could have been. Instead, apply some SEO principles, tricks and disciplines to your affiliate websites and watch the cash come crawling in. These five tips, tricks and principles will help you get to #1 on Google, Yahoo and whatever other search engine you fancy, saving you a massive amount of marketing muscle and generating a massive online income for you.

#1 – Pick your keywords carefully.
There’s nothing worse than competing in a hugely crowded and non-lucrative niche. It’s easy to think that the crowds go where the money is, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes there’s just big dumb money in one spot and people are too slow to see their advertising dollars going to waste. Be a smart marketer and invest your time in finding a great niche — it’ll pay off hugely once you start marketing.

#2 – Build a list, and keep in touch.
It’s common sense to mega-marketers, but list building gets passed over too often by the small timers. Without a huge sales list, you’re as good as dead out there in the marketing world. Build that asset through opt-in pages, and use the list to get your products out there. You’ll generate links on websites, which will quickly boost your search engine rankings.

#3 – Add your keywords in post-writing.
Have you ever tried to write for SEO right from the start? It’s certainly difficult, and not something that you want to spend your time doing. Not only does it take up a huge amount of time, but it compromises the quality of your articles. Instead of writing for SEO from the beginning, write an article with a general topic in mind and add keywords in after you’ve completed it.

#4 – Pick your products carefully.
If you’re looking at affiliate marketing and SEO courses, you need to weigh up the good with the bad. Some just aren’t that valuable, and just take your money and leave you without the great information that you deserve. Be careful, and only ever pick courses that have proven benefits and can show you how well they work. Look for earnings screenshots to confirm this.

#5 – Give it some time.
You don’t hit number one in a week. Give your SEO efforts the time and attention that they deserve, and don’t rush things simply to get them out there. Build your SEO strategy, use high quality content and links to get your websites to the top, and make sure that you don’t compromise your long-term strategy by giving in to short-term incentives.

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