With so many different diets out there, it can be difficult for a health and fitness newbie to know which ones are worth it

and which aren’t. Although thousands of diets promise results, it’s often hard to tell if they’re real results or paid

testimonials. In addition to that, all too many diets create massive results in the short term but end up with you gaining

back almost all of the weight that you lost, and occasionally even more. In order to avoid these common dieting

mistakes, it’s important to pick a diet that will give you results that are both healthy and lasting. These four tips will

help you tune through the noise and find a diet and workout routine that works wonders for your health and figure:

1 – Don’t fall for the hype.
This one is particularly difficult to follow. When you’re looking at different diets it’s often easy to fall for the big

promises and flashy results guarantees. Don’t fall for it. You might lose the weight in the short term, but it’s entirely

possible that you’ll gain it all back once the diet is over. Instead of massive promises, look for evidence that the

program works long term.

2 – Pick a diet that fits in with your lifestyle.
This one is absolutely important, and often gets met with a lot of resistance from dieters. There’s a fairly strong belief in

the health community that in order to get fit, you need to radically change your lifestyle and eating habits. That’s

rubbish. While that will lead to good health, it also leads to premature failure and an inability to accustom to your new

lifestyle. Baby steps is key here — if you’re not used to dieting, don’t throw yourself in the deep end. Take it slow and

make yourself comfortable in your new diet routine.

3 – Let yourself cheat every now and then.
This is one to take lightly. If you’re doing really well with your diet, and have had consistent results after a couple of

weeks of dieting and exercise, don’t feel too bad when you treat yourself to a chocolate bar. Let yourself have a cheat

meal every now and then as a rewards, but make sure that you don’t let them become habits. Reward yourself for good

performance, don’t let your cheat meals turn your diet progress around.

4 – Make sure your diet includes some form of monitoring.
Monitoring calories and exercise hours is an essential part of dieting, but it often becomes a false goal for dieters. When

you see 1500 calories on your daily total, it’s easy to think you’ve made it there. What you need to do is put your calories

and exercise in context. Instead of asking yourself how many calories you’ve eaten, ask yourself how your calorie total

has made you feel. With too many diets promising rapid results, it’s important to mix and measure your diet with your

happiness, and avoid overwhelming yourself with numbers and milestones too early.

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