Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most fundamental and basic human needs, yet so many people struggle to get the level of sleep that they need. The reasons for this can vary, with many people struggling to sleep for medical reasons, others too busy to get their sleep requirements, and some living a lifestyle that isn’t conductive to deep sleeping. Whatever the case, it’s easily possible to alter some key habits and behaviours and enjoy the level of sleep that you deserve. These five tips and tricks can take your sleep requirements from a hurdle to an easily achievable goal.

1 – Take a technology nap before bed.
Napping before bed? Not the smartest idea. Of course, this isn’t about sleeping shortly before bed, but about limiting your exposure to technology. Your body produces sleep by altering your hormonal balance, allowing you to fall asleep more easily. When you’re focusing on a computer or TV screen, your body is tricked into thinking that it’s still day, and has trouble creating hormones to help you fall asleep. It’s a good idea to get off the computer and take part in a relatively effortless activity such as light reading or writing before you go to bed.

2 – Make a note of all your ideas and thoughts.
A lot of people have their best ideas and thoughts right before bed. Leaving a notebook either beside your bed or near you before you sleep allows you to make a note of these, saving you from having to process them during the night. Less worries means better sleeping.

3 – Lower your shower/bath temperature.
This one is simple — simply lower the temperature for your last minute in the shower. It doesn’t need to be freezing cold,just cold enough to allow you to step out feeling refreshed rather than tired. It’s funny, when we feel tired after a shower, we’ll still have trouble falling asleep. The problem is that the high temperature tricks our body into wanting  sleep, and when we remove ourselves from the heat, we gradually gain awareness until we are more awake than before.

4 – Power nap throughout the day.
A quick 20-30 minute nap in the afternoon can achieve two things: increase your productivity, and allow you to sleep easier at night. By napping quickly in the afternoon, you can increase your awareness throughout the day and put your body in the optimal position to sleep for the required eight hours later on in the night.

5 – Limit caffeine and carbohydrate intake before sleep.
Caffeine should be a no-brainer, but carbohydrates escape quite a lot of pre-bed strategies. When you take in large amounts of simple sugars before bed, your body has two choices. The first is to burn the sugar for excess energy, and the second is to store them as fat. Keep your idle time trying to sleep, and your weight, down by limiting your intake of carbohydrates before bed.

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